7 countries and 30+ cultures

12,000 km in 15 months

2 people on 1 Quike





On the 4th of May, 2009, Roger and Megan set off from Astana, Kazakhstan, into the Eurasian steppe on their four-wheeled Quike;

Traversing the steppes at the heart of the Asian continent - whilst facing a continual battle of both the physical elements and the psychological forces within...

They will venture throughout Central Asia, Western China, Mongolia, and Russia, away from cities and roads, living with local rural families to experience the unique cultures and lifestyles of the region, documenting their lifestyles and traditions before their stories are lost forever.

Their 15-month journey will take them through all types of terrain - from the vast and endless Kazakh steppe to the relentless heat of the Uzbek summer, to the high altitude mountain passes of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, to the frozen wastelands of the Taklamakan desert in winter, and then coming full circle to the origins of the Turkic peoples in the Altai range, and the birthplace of Chinggiz Khan in the central Mongolian steppe... and their only mode of transportation will be a pedal-powered, tandem, sociable recumbent quad... (named Quikey!) allowing them to venture into areas otherwise inaccessible by car, motor bike, or plane.

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Every Journey begins with the first steppe...




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